Cheerio Breath

He snuggles against my chest for a brief moment before jerking his head up to see where his sister is. In that brief moment, I relish the snuggles. While Levi looks for his sister, he breathes into my face and I can smell the Cheerios that he had that morning. His Cheerio breath is one of the sweetest smells in the world. He’s not old enough for morning breath to be disturbing (unlike his siblings…).

Cheerio Breath (1)

He starts fussing at me and I know snuggle time is over. I put him down, which is what he wants, and let him run after his brother. Meanwhile, Gracie brings me a book and asks me to read it. My heart is torn. I long to get the dishes from breakfast cleaned up and the dishwasher emptied. However, I know she is only small for so long, and there will soon come a time when reading with mommy is no longer desired. So with a quick attitude check, I grab the book and snuggle up on the couch.

Cheerio Breath (2)

We just finish the book in time for a crying Benjamin to come over to me. He’s holding his finger and I know that somehow or another, I am going to be kissing that finger. He crawls into my lap and tells me to “kiss it??” I ask him what happens and, although he spends a while explaining, I only caught the fact that he smashed it somehow. Most times, he is content to get a kiss and then walk away. This time, however, he snuggles with me. When I ask if he wants to go play with his siblings, he responds that he just wants to snuggle.

Cheerio Breath (3)

I glance to the kitchen quickly and then focus on the snuggles. The kitchen can wait. These moments are here and gone so quickly, the kitchen can always wait. Cheerio Breath (4)

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