KISS in marriage…when you have kids

KISS in marriage.

Keep. It. Simple. Smartypants.

You see what I did there? Some of you might know other acronyms for KISS, but we will go with this one today. I think it is easy for us to think of our marriage as this complicated relationship, but it’s really quite simple.

Your marriage has less needs than that house plant you keep killing. Good thing, too. Your marriage really only NEEDS love and respect. However, this is played out in so many ways.

A good marriage is difficult to keep up, even when you have no distractions.

Add children to the mix and it seems about impossible.

BUT, it isn’t. You can have a great marriage AND children!


Keeping things simple in marriage is a way to keep your marriage strong!

Here are some tips on ways to keep the fun in your marriage.

  1. Remember what first attracted you to your spouse. It is so easy to lose sight of this. In the midst of the dishes and diapers, we forget why we fell in love in the first place. It’s there still– you just have to look for it!
  2. Don’t focus so much on the little things. Your spouse is going to bother you. Just like traffic will bother you. Lack of sleep will bother you. You will bother you. Check yourself, is the thing that is bothering you a big deal or should you just let it go? Remember, keep it simple!
  3. Look for reasons to appreciate your spouse. It may seem hard at first. Especially if you are so caught up in those things that bother you. However, if you look hard enough, you will find SOMETHING! Maybe your spouse leaves the light on in the bathroom at night so you can see as you make your way there. Maybe they leave the paper out for you, so you can read the funnies (the best part). Bonus if you not only find ways to appreciate your spouse, but you also tell them about it!
  4. Spend time together. This is SO important, especially when you have little ones that seem to suck the time away. Make it a priority to spend time talking and learning each other. This is why we do couch time.
  5. KISS. Okay, this time I really mean it. Find ways to touch each other. Make an excuse to kiss your spouse. Not only does it increase those happy hormones, but it burns calories, too!
  6. Enjoy each other. Your spouse has their quirks. So do you. You used to think those quirks were cute, try to remember why. You know your spouse better than anyone else does, enjoy that fact. No one else will know how your husband takes off his boxers and flings them into the laundry hamper as if he were an NBA star. You are the only one who knows when your wife is sad by that certain look that shows you she’s trying to be strong. Enjoy who you married, they are a gift to you!

How do YOU keep things simple in your marriage?

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