When we give God our hearts

This morning, Gracie woke up before her brothers. This is a big deal for my only child who likes to sleep in. She likes staying up late and sleeping in the same. So, when she walked out of her room with bed head, holding her animals this morning, I was surprised.

Gracie and daddy (3)

Immediately, I used this as a time to draw near to her. I went to her and smiled. We talked quietly for a bit and then I asked for a good morning hug. She turned to me and gave me a small squeeze, fulfilling the requirement of hugging mama when she asks. She then turned to her two stuffed animals and grabbed one saying, “Give me a good morning hug.” She hugged that little critter and squeezed it and snuggled her sweet face into it. She then took the other animal and did the same. The same hug that lasted 1.59 seconds with me, took about a minute or two with each of her animals.

I couldn’t help but feel a little jealous.

She has me, a warm blooded mama. One who can love her and squeeze her back, and yet, she chooses this little stuffed creatures that I GAVE HER, over me.

As my heart was feeling rejected and stewing a little, I felt the nudge of the Holy Spirit in my heart. What Gracie was doing to me, is exactly what I do to my Father in heaven.

Gracie and daddy (2)

He comes to me with open arms and a twinkle in His eyes, and so often, I give Him the dutiful response. I pray or read my Bible, like I should. But then, I’m off on my way. I find something I really cherish in this life (for me, it would be my husband and children) and I give them ALL of me. I snuggle into them and grab them with big hugs. I realized how my Father in Heaven must feel about this. Not only has He given me these wonderful things, that I am choosing over Him, BUT He also knows that these wonderful things are but a small reflection of His goodness and glory.

Gracie and daddy (1)

I want to be the daughter that flings herself into the arms of her Father in heaven. Staying there until He releases me. I long to be the daughter who rests in comfort of His arms, completely at peace and filled with joy.

Thank you, Gracie, for the reminder. Thank you for helping me see my own sin.

Let’s chat: How do you usually approach the Father in Heaven?

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