28 weeks pregnant with #4

28 weeks pregnant already? It seems to go by so slow AND so fast, all at the same time. I know the last month of pregnancy will slow things down a bit. I can’t be the only person who feels that the last month of pregnancy is actually about 3.4 years long.

I write these pregnancy updates for my benefit, but also for other pregnant mamas who are curious if everything is “normal”. I have gone back and looked at updates from my last three pregnancies to see how this one is similar or different.

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I have been so bad at putting out pregnancy updates for this baby, I think I have done three. Life is just a little more chaotic with three littles than it was with two, or one. I figure if I do an update every trimester, then I’m good.

28 weeks pregnant

So here we are, at the third trimester!

How far along? 28 weeks
Total weight gain: 20 pounds
Maternity clothes? Yes, although finding maternity clothes for funeral activities has proven to be a little challenging.
Sleep: I am pretty restless at night and getting up a bunch to use the bathroom. This just means that the due date is coming closer!
Best moment this week: Spending extra time with my extended family. After my grandpa’s burial, we all met at my Uncle and Aunt’s house for some food and fellowship. We stayed all day long. The kids were exhausted, but it was such a great time to be together.
Miss Anything? Breathing. This little one is right up in my lungs and so breathing is just a challenge. I’m ready for him to drop.
Movement: Lots of movement
Food cravings: Fresh fruits
Labor Signs: My Braxton Hicks Contractions started last week. I’m wondering if they are tied to stress, since it seems those more stressful days have more contractions.
28 weeks pregnantI think another reason I haven’t done as many updates is because getting my husband and me to slow down long enough to take a picture seems an impossible task. See the kids running around in the background? Moments after this picture, all three children were running amuck with Greg chasing after them. It was precious!
In case you are curious, here is 28 weeks with #2 (Benjamin):

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