In memory of my grandpa

Today, is the memorial service of my beloved grandpa.

His eyes crinkled when he smiled. When he was really happy, grandpa’s eyes had a sparkle to them. His smile was a constant part of his attire. His touch was tender and kind. His heart was the size of the state he adored. Texas history was a passion of his and he would share stories of his ancestors to anyone who wanted to listen.

I wished I listened more.

He was safe. My grandpa was the one I could snuggle up to and read a book. I felt safe and secure being in his arms. Apparently, my own children felt the same way.


He was the steady ship for me when life was a sea of rocky waves. When I first moved to Texas, I felt completely alone. It was the darkest time in my life, but he wasn’t deterred. He and my grandma would meet me for lunch, each week, to talk about life and process the goods and the bad of it all. He was there to answer the tough questions and sit, deep in thought, when one was just too tough. Through it all, he made sure to express how much he loved me.

I never doubted his love for me.

He and my grandma were the rock that I climbed on, until I could swim on my own.


My grandpa showed me the love of the Father God, when I was very confused as to what that looked like. He was a loving father figure and my first real example of how a woman should be treated by a man.

It is because of his example that I married the greatest husband in the world. He was even the one who offered to walk me down the aisle.

This man helped me understand love. He helped me understand family. And most importantly, he helped me understand the Father God.


I will be truly grateful for his presence and example in my life. He was a beloved Grandpa, Father, Brother and Friend. Rest well, Grandpa, until we meet again in the arms of the Savior.




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