The second greatest dad ever

When Greg came home from work, there was a sign on our art easel that said,

“Happy Father’s Day, to the second greatest dad.”


And that is what he is. This man. The most wonderful husband in the world and the second greatest dad, ever.

Daddy and baby

That is saying a lot considering the first place award for greatest dad goes to the Author and Creator of all things, our Father in heaven.

So, second only to God, my husband deserves the greatest daddy award.

Gracie and daddy (3)

He selflessly loves these three munchkins, and even the one inside the belly.

He gives of his time and energy to raise them well.

He diligently trains and teaches them (he is much more gracious than governing).


He plays with them and makes sure to spend time with them.

Gracie and daddy (2)

If any of our children come to him, he always stops what he is doing and gives them his focus. They know how important they are to him.


Above all else, this man shows our children and me the love of the Father in heaven.

He is my hero. My husband. My best friend. And the second greatest dad, ever.

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