35 weeks pregnant with #4

As I shared earlier, I wasn’t intending to take time off from blogging this summer, but it just happened. Our summer has been filled with tons of special moments and lifetime memories. Each day is a just more of the same, but also carries with it a hint of surprise. I love this life with littles and this man.

35 weeks pregnant (2)

This pregnancy has been drastically different than my previous three. I have been truly amazed at how great I feel this far along. In the past, I would be sacked out on the couch by about four in the afternoon. Now, I go and go all day long. Then when the kids are in bed, I look for ways to go some more. There is a fine line between doing all my tasks and overdoing it. I have learned that overdoing it isn’t the most fun thing to do this late in the game. Usually, when I overdo it, I walk around like a hunchback for a while, waiting for my stiff body to warm up again. I’m still learning how to balance that line.

35 weeks pregnant (1)

35 weeks pregnant with #4

How far along? 35 weeks

Total weight gain: I normally give myself a window of about 30-40 pounds per pregnancy. So far, I have been able to lose the weight at about eight months postpartum. Which is usually when we have gotten pregnant again. This baby, I have gained about 32 pounds. I am right in line with my previous pregnancies in the amount of weight I have been gaining, so I’m not concerned.

Maternity clothes? I am to that stage where basically anything that is touching the belly hurts. My skin has been stretched so much that having any sort of waist band on or near the belly is just too much. So I have been wearing shorts like a gangster, low and saggy.

35 weeks pregnant (5)

Sleep: I look forward to sleeping once the baby comes. Seriously, I get more sleep once baby is here. Well…maybe not more sleep, but the sleep I get is actually GOOD sleep. The sleep I get right now is very sporadic and difficult. My poor husband, he is constantly tossing and turning with me and gets just about the same amount of sleep I do. (Did I mention we have a waterbed? Not the best for keeping the other person asleep) I have learned to stop drinking water a few hours before bed, so I am not up all night, but ever since baby dropped; I get up around three times on average. I do enjoy the fact that all I do when I get up is visit the bathroom. In a few weeks, there will be diapers to change, a baby to nurse as well as bathroom breaks!

Best moment this week: There have been so many wonderful moments. I feel like each day is such a gift with my family. My husband and I have enjoyed getting things done. My mother in law watched our kiddos this week, so we actually had a date! It was the first one in a loooooong time. I have enjoyed getting some extra playtime with my children. It has been a beautiful summer.

35 weeks pregnant (4)

Miss Anything? I really miss running. I try not to get wistful when I see other women out running with a headset in their ear. I know that my time to go running is coming back soon, but I wish I could do it now. One great thing is that by the time my body is ready to start running again, hopefully the Texas heat will have cooled off some.

Movement:  Still lots of moment with this little one. Last night as I was sleeping I felt like he kicked his legs straight up into my lungs. It took my breath away! Other times, he punches me down below and, well, that takes my breath away, too! He is definitely an active one. Just like his brothers!

Labor Signs: Definitely. I started the Braxton Hicks weeks ago, and now they go on all day long and into the night. That is also part of the reason I am not getting as much deep sleep, it’s hard to sleep when my belly randomly turns to concrete! The baby dropped last week, which was a HUGE relief to me. The good news is that my breathing is so much easier. The bad news is I have more room in my stomach to eat more food, which leads to heartburn. Also, my waddle has become something to brag about. It’s serious! I also have the cramping contractions that work up my legs and hang out in my belly until they cease. Prodromal labor isn’t fun, but at least my body is preparing for the big day.

35 weeks pregnant (3)

Exercise: In my past pregnancies, I worked on our elliptical up until birth day. This is the first baby that I have walked, instead. Working out on the elliptical is not as easy as it once was. I used to be able to let the kids play in the room with me, but now the three of them love getting into all kinds of mischief. If I started on the elliptical, it would only last a minute or two before I had to take care of some “issue” with the kiddos. So, the four of us (and sometimes, Greg too!) walk just about every day. It is pretty hot out in Texas these days, so we try to walk as early in the morning as we can. Which usually ends up being about nine in the morning, by the time breakfast is done and cleaned up. Side note: I tried doing walks before breakfast…it was a disaster!! Fussy and hungry kids don’t make good walking buddies.

Doctor’s Appointments: On Monday, we decided on an induction. We don’t have many options for babysitters for our kiddos at this point. My mother in law is the only one available and willing, and since she will be getting surgery sometime soon, we wanted to get on the schedule so we knew we had help! As I figured, baby has dropped and is head down. He is making himself ready. Doctor tole me he is very low, my cervix is very soft and I am already dilated to about a 1. I am really hoping that means that he comes on his own, rather than being induced, but we shall see. It’s not my timing.

Mood: My mood is mostly very positive. After having four babies in four years, I have pretty much gotten a handle on my hormones. I can tell days that I am just being a ridiculous hormonal lady, and I give my husband as much warning as I can. Usually those are the days when I am exhausted and just need a nap. I’m like a toddler! I have noticed that the days that I go for walks, I am pretty much a happy, glowing pregnant lady. If I ever miss a day of walking, I become the crazy, hormone monster. That is why we try to make sure mama always gets her walk in for the day!

Looking forward to: These last few weeks are just so exciting. Even though it’s enough to drive me crazy, I love the anticipation and the waiting. I love getting up each day with the knowledge that Stephen is coming soon! It really changes the way I live. I try to make the most of each day with my family and the people around me. I know that once baby comes, we usually hibernate for a month or so, therefore we are trying to make the most of these last few weeks.

35 weeks pregnant (6)

Who has time to take pregnancy pictures? At this point, this is the best I can do!

Predictions: I really can’t predict when baby is coming. In my last three pregnancies, I predicted that they would all come much earlier than they did. Looking back, I realize that was just wishful thinking! This one, though, is different. My body is acting like baby might come in the next two weeks or so, but mentally, I am in it for the long haul. My body feels good for the most part, my attitude is great and I am just enjoying this time.

35 weeks pregnant with Levi

35 weeks pregnant (3)

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