36 weeks pregnant with #4

36 weeks pregnant

This picture is just pretty typical of our little crew!

36 weeks pregnant with #4

How far along? 36 weeks

Total weight gain: I have actually started losing weight now. I am now two pounds less than last week.

Sleep: It has been wonderful this week. I have been sleeping so hard. Probably because all the contractions have made me exhausted, I am ready to collapse into bed each night.

Best moment this week: Watching the Olympics with my family!

Miss Anything? A good friend of mine had a baby shower recently. It made me very wistful. My sweet Mother in law threw me a baby shower with our first, and it was so great. The only downside was that none of the family on my side was there. My cousins have beautiful showers and I love that time to celebrate the baby and spend time with the mama to be. I miss the fact that I won’t have that. I asked my mom one time if she wanted to throw me a shower, but she told me it wasn’t really the mom’s job. I’m not always up on my etiquette for those types of things. My sister is a few states away, so it’s not really in the plans for her, either. We don’t need any gifts (also a breach of etiquette), I just want a reason to celebrate each new life that God gives us. Who knows, maybe with #5, I will just throw my own baby shower? Etiquette, schmetiquette.

Movement:  He’s beginning to run out of room. There are no jerky movements anymore. Basically, all of his movements are like a big sea monster, slowly moving around in there. Every so often, a baby bottom or leg pokes itself out with a huge bulge.

Labor Signs: Oh man. I just am not sure when I will know that this baby is coming. For the last week or so, I have had contractions about 3-5 minutes apart, lasting a minute or so in length. However, they accomplish nothing. Doctor said this week that I was dilated to a whopping 1 cm. If I hadn’t had this experience with my last two, I would have already gone to Labor and Delivery (at least once) by now. All the energy I have had in the last few weeks has completely disappeared this week. I think this prodromal labor just takes it out of me. The good news is that the exhaustion makes me sleep REALLY good. I have to make sure I eat really good for breakfast and lunch, because by dinner time, I have almost no appetite. I also have the typical back pain that comes with this stage of pregnancy.

36 weeks pregnant

Doctor’s Visit: As I stated above, the appointment this week was kind of a let down. I was really hoping that all those contractions were actually doing something. What a bummer to find out that I had only dilated a half a centimeter since last week. I also picked her brain about what it looked like if we went into labor and she was not on call. She reassured me that if I went into labor during the day, she would definitely be there. If it was at night, she would always TRY to be there. I also asked her about when they would actually admit me into the hospital, since I have regular contractions that do nothing. She reminded me that if I am progressing, they admit me. Meaning, if I go in at a 1 cm and while I’m there, I get to a 2 or 3, they will admit me. Hence the reason why my last two babies, I spent walking around and around the hospital. If I could progress, then I could be admitted. Here’s hoping my body will just do its thing!


36 weeks with Gracie (#1):


36 weeks with Levi (#3)

36 / 37 weeks pregnant, definitely feeling the excitement! Come on, baby!

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    So excited for you! You should totally throw yourself a shower with number 5! With our first we did a “Baby-Q” at our house and invited all our friends and family. We cooked out and asked everyone to bring a side dish. It was wonderful. Well, besides the clean up after, lol.
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