Gracie turns 4 with a painting birthday party!

Gracie’s birthday was last month, but we were so busy celebrating that I didn’t have a chance to post until now!

We spent her actual birthday in Tyler, Texas on vacation. She played in the sand, swam in the pool and enjoyed family time.

Gracie's birthday party (9)

Before we went on vacation, however, she had her birthday party. She had all her favorite people there, it was a huge success!

Gracie's birthday party (11)

She asked for a painting party, so we set the theme around everything painting and colors. The fruit and veggies were a colorful array.

Gracie's birthday party (8)

I noticed that the fruit was much more popular with the small children, than the veggies. Go figure.

Gracie's birthday party (10)

The attendees and birthday girl got to paint a canvas with their initial on it. I was delighted that most of the other children’s canvas turned out great. Gracie and Benjamin’s however, ended up a big brown mess. I guess they needed a little more supervision to create a masterpiece.

Gracie's birthday party (12)

Once the canvas was painted, we got out the cupcakes. Each child received a cupcake in a palate with all kinds of sprinkles. They were able to decorate their cupcake with whatever color of sprinkles they wanted. Gracie loved spending time making her cupcake perfect. Benjamin didn’t even bother with the sprinkles, he just ate the cupcake as quickly as possible.

Gracie's birthday party (1)

Gracie received some awesome gifts and had a blast opening them. I’m not sure who was more excited, her or mommy!

Gracie's birthday party (6)

Happy 4 years old Gracie girl!

My Gracie girl,

You have blessed this family in about a thousand different ways. Your smile lights up my heart. I am so proud of the little lady you are and you are becoming. You have so many gifts that God has given you and I am so excited to see what God decides to do with your life.

Gracie's birthday party (2)

I love watching you interact with your brothers, you love them so much. You are so tender and gentle with Levi, making sure that you have good play time with him each day. Benjamin is your greatest friend, right now, and you love spending every waking moment together. At church, when you get to join all the classes for singing time, you make sure to find your brother and sit (or stand) with him. It is so sweet!

Gracie's birthday party (4)

You love talking to and rubbing your baby brother in my belly. I know you are going to be such a great big sister to him, too! You really wanted a girl, but God had other plans. I love how you still pray for God to bring you a sister. You sing to yourself at night and love making up songs about God and how great He is.

Gracie's birthday party (3)

You have become my snuggle bug, you love snuggling all the time. Although, your favorite time to snuggle is when we are eating dinner (since we sit right next to each other). One of my favorite times is bedtime, when I get to sing and pray with you. You are such a special little girl and I am so so blessed and grateful that I get to be your mama!

Gracie's birthday party (5)




Gracie at 3 years

3 years Gracie (5)

Gracie at 2 years


Gracie at 1 year old


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