Glimpses from this week

I know many of you have been wanting an update on our little (not so little, anymore) family. I have been too busy enjoying snuggles, sweet moments, and squeezed-in nap times to stop and post. Even now, I am grabbing a moment in-between feedings and my to do list to post a few pictures from our first few weeks.


I truly can’t believe that tomorrow, Stephen is three weeks old. It seems so much shorter than that, while at the same time, it feels that he has been a part of this family from the very beginning.


These past few weeks have been full of smiles. (That little circle mark on Levi’s forehead is from being tripped by his sister, on accident, and landing – head first on a lego. Oh the woes of the third born!)


Messy free play. That couch looked a whole lot better before we had children.


I really should gotten an “after” picture.


There was more paint on them, than on the paper. Levi looked a little like Rambo when he was finished.


A little pirate fun. Don’t hate on the costume, I’m sleep deprived.


And a dozen free doughnuts.

daddy and levi

Uncle David would be so proud that his littles are eating doughnuts. It’s a step up from cheese balls.

mommy and benjamin

Due to some unfortunate moments of toddler aggression, the oldest son is not participating in free doughnut day. So we took some pictures and snuggles together, instead.


Trips to the park (still dressed as a pirate, of course).


And a lot of moments with this guy.


Our little snuggle bug.

Thank you for all the sweet comments, prayers and practical help (such as bringing meals!)

Oh and Uncle David, I’m afraid the only cheese balls we will be having around these parts, are these ones:

gracie and levi


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