Apple Cider and faith like a child

The kids and I made some homemade apple cider today. I purposely planned it on a day that Greg was at home. As the delicious smell was wafting through the house, Greg commented on how he does not prefer the smell of cooked apples. Whoops! Next time, we will keep our fall aromas for a day when he is at work.


So, if we were to have a coffee date, I would actually invite you to try some of our delicious, homemade cider. Which, Gracie likes to comment, is made without a cider press. We read a book about how apple cider is made and she now finds it very important to clarify that our homemade cider is not made the old fashioned way. It is made in a crock pot.


Speaking of Gracie, she has such an incredible faith for a little thing. I am amazed at how precious and loyal her faith is. I know God has given her the gift of faith and I look forward to seeing how He uses it! She loves to sing songs (that she made up) about God and His goodness. When something good happens, she often times calls out, “Praise the Lord!” Of course, when she says “Lord” it sounds more like “Lowd”.



As you and I were sitting down, drinking our cider and catching up on things, I might mention how incredibly blessed I feel. God has been so gracious to our family and we are beyond grateful. Our six week old baby, Stephen, is such an easy little guy. He has a sweet temperament and sleeps so well (for a newborn). The days that Greg is at work are really hard work, but the work is so good. For the first time in my parenting journey, I can understand how other mommies don’t have time for a shower. Self care isn’t the top of my priority when I have four children age four and under. Keep that in mind the next time you want to come in for a long hug!


God has also blessed us by surrounding us with family and friends to fill in the spaces of our hearts. Greg’s dad passed a few years ago, and his mom is recovering from surgery. My parents don’t have a relationship with us and so, my children have been missing out on family relationships. We are so grateful for God’s provision. He has surrounded us with people who love on us and our children. One sweet couple, sent all of our children a little something special to welcome their new baby. We have been blessed by folks bringing meals and company into our little home. Our hearts are overflowing.

Gracie and Stephen

This time has been so precious. I have learned a valuable lesson that I can apply for the next time I have a baby (did you see what I did there?). In the six week postpartum time frame, I need to actually take it easy. Usually, I feel so much better when I am not pregnant anymore, I want to catch up on all the things I have let go during the last two months of pregnancy. However, with Levi and now, with Stephen, my body has given me some consequences for not taking it easy. In case anyone is curious, mastitis is not for the faint of heart.


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