One month old baby Stephen

My sweet little blessing,

stephen-1-month-3You are one month old. And then some. By now, you are more like a month and a half old. I swing back and forth between wanting you to stay exactly as you are and looking forward to seeing you grow. You are such an easy baby and I find that to be an incredible blessing of the Lord. God knows that having three boys age two and under is quite an experience. He knows I need all the patience and rest I can get. You sleep like a dream (no pun intended), only waking up twice from seven at night to seven in the morning. Although, I must admit, in the last few days, it seems that you are going through a growth spurt and have added an extra feeding around 10PM. You also are on a schedule during the day, which is a great blessing. You usually stay awake for an hour to two and then back to sleep for the same amount of time.


You have given me quite a few smiles already, and although people might say that it’s just gas, I disagree. It always seems to happen when you see me or hear me singing to you. I know that your smile is just for me (and not a result of busy bowels).


Your siblings already love you so much. They would hold you all the time if I would let them. At least one of them has been sick over the last few weeks, so their time of holding you has been quite minimal. Gracie, especially, loves being with you. She acts like a mini mommy and would hold you all day if I let her! (Side note: In this pictures, it might look like he is fussing, but Stephen is actually letting out a ginormous yawn, Gracie is enjoying mimicking him!)


You have spent time with your Uncle David and Aunt Cindy, your Amaw and your sweet cousin, Kara. You have also attended Bible study with me and your siblings. You are happy to be most anywhere, as long as you are next to me in the baby carrier. The grocery store seems to make you especially sleepy. Which isn’t such a bad thing when I am going with four little children!


Your daddy carries you around when he is home. It is so adorable to see you snuggled up with him all day long. He loves you so much and my hope and prayer is that you grow up to be just like him.


We are so grateful for you and the blessing you are to our family. I have nothing but gratitude for our God, who created you so wonderfully and has given us these six weeks together. I look forward to seeing what He has in store for you in the future.


Keep growing, baby boy!


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