Baby Stephen 2 month old update

My little precious man,

Two months ago, you came into our lives. We have been so privileged to have two months with you. That is two months of laughter, two months of snuggles, two months of smiles, two months of sweet moments. Each day that we have with you is such a gift.


You love smiling, and I think you are our earliest smiler. All the other babies waited until at least two months to smile at us, but you started smiling about a month early. That tells me that you are probably going to be a very happy little guy.


You are an amazing sleeper. Just last night, you slept from 10-4:30AM, nursed and then went back to sleep. I had to wake you this morning to go to Bible study. When you do wake up in the middle of the night, you don’t cry or fuss. You just move around a bunch and grunt, that signals me that it is time to feed you. As I said before, you are such a happy guy!


Although, I am currently your favorite person, you are also quite partial to your sister. When you hear her voice, you get a big smile on your face and turn to find where she is.


I said before that I was currently your favorite person, and it’s true. I am enjoying that, because I know when you get just a little bit older, that will change and Daddy will be your favorite.


I don’t mind it at all, Daddy is my favorite person, too! I am, however, enjoying the fact that right now, I am the one who gets your smiles.


You love snuggling in the Moby wrap and I love having you close to shower you with kisses. I’m on the lookout for a new baby carrier, so I can start moving you to my back. I think it will be easier to carry you on my back while taking care of your siblings.


You outgrew your newborn diapers and clothes a while ago. You are now in 3 month clothing and I’m wondering how long until you grow out of those. I already got the 6 months clothes out, I know you will be in those before I know it!


One of my most favorite moments is when I get to sing to you. Inevitably, as soon as I start singing, you get the goofiest little baby grin on your face. Often times, you will sing along with me in baby babble. It melts my heart into a puddle of baby mush, and I love it. As with all my sweet children, I am torn between not wanting you to grow any more and wanting to see what kind of a man God grows you into.


My prayer for you is that you will be a man after your namesake in the Bible. That, like Stephen in Acts, you will have a deep faith. You will be bold and courageous in a generation that shrinks away from the truth. That you would declare God’s glory to all the nations and not be ashamed of the Gospel, since it is the power of life to all who believe.


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