Levi Recap: September and October

A few months ago, something huge happened in our family. We got this loud thing that takes a lot of Mommy’s attention. They call it Stephen. I call it annoying.


Before this ‘Stephen’ came along, I was the baby of the family. All I had to do was look at Mommy or Daddy with my big puppy eyes and I would get picked up. Now, I have to scream. I mean, literally scream. It’s pretty neat. Benjamin taught me how. I just open up my vocal chords and let out a scream. I sound like a little girl, but it gets the job done. I usually get picked up. Of course, then I get dropped off in my crib and I don’t really like that.


I will say, I like being the big brother. Stephen takes a lot of naps, and I get to stay up and play. I really like to help Mommy put Stephen to sleep. When I see Mommy going to put him to sleep, I tip toe into the bedroom and slam the door behind me. I do that so Gracie and Benjamin don’t come in; they are loud. Of course, when the door slams, it is not really quiet and Mommy gets that look on her face, but I know she is glad I’m so helpful.


I like to rock Stephen in the swing and when Mommy starts singing to him, I like to sing along. Sometimes, Mommy will touch his face softly and I will do the same thing. He doesn’t seem to like it when I poke his face, I guess I just don’t have Mama’s touch.


I have started using words. You should hear me. I can say, “Please”, “Thank you”, I can say the names of everyone in the family. I can repeat almost anything I hear.

I love running around the house with Benjamin and Gracie. That is one of my favorite activities. I like doing it in the house the most, because they can’t get too far away. Sometimes, when we are at the park, they run around and I just can’t keep up with them. But I still try.


Speaking of Benjamin and Gracie, I really like them. Gracie is my most special friend, she is kind of like Mommy. I know I can trust her, and sometimes, when Mommy is busy, she takes care of me. For example, when Mommy is holding Stephen, Gracie will hold my hand when we walk somewhere. I like to play the run away game, where I run away as Mommy is calling me. Gracie is usually the one to chase after me and hold my hand as we walk back to her. Benjamin is my buddy. We love running around and screaming. Sometimes, when we are screaming, Gracie holds her ears and cries that we are too loud. I think that is funny, but then I feel kind of bad. So I stop, for about five seconds. Sometimes, Benjamin will randomly hit me. I don’t mind so much, as long as he doesn’t take my toys. Usually, when he hits me, Mommy gives him a consequence, so it’s okay.


In October, we all got to go to a fall festival. There were a lot of people and it was a little scary for me. You would be scared too, if all you ever saw were people’s knees. And there were a LOT of knees. It was a sea of knees.


I dressed up as Pooh bear, which is really quite fitting since Daddy says I have a lot of poo. I think I reign as the king of poo in our house. I am pretty proud of that title. So Pooh Bear it is! I did get to have a piece of candy and ever since then, I have been trying to figure out how to sneak into the pink candy bucket. I find it in different places in the house and pull out candy pieces. I can’t open them, but I find that if I suck on them long enough, some of the candy comes out.


I’m looking forward to November. I’m not sure what this ‘Thanksgiving’ is, but I am excited to find out!

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