3 year old Benjamin!

My Benjamin boy,

You are my delight and treasure. I had no idea that when you were born that you would be a male replica of me. I am so grateful that you are, because if not, I might go crazy! God knows exactly what he is doing when he made you perfectly as you are. You are full of energy and excitement for life. This often looks like you getting overwhelmed with excitement and running through the house screaming. I remember doing that when I was a little girl. I remember how it felt to have so much energy running through me that I didn’t know what to do with it. I see that in you.

You have such a good heart. I wonder if your love language is acts of service. You love doing things for other people. You will get me an ice pack for my foot, you will get plates for your siblings, if I even say something like, “Oh, I should get ___.” Often times, you jump up from what you are doing and run to get it.

You are also very sensitive. It seems a little contradictory that you would be such a sensitive guy when you are so rough and tumble. But I notice it in the little things. I notice it in the quiet moments that we spend together. I notice it by the look in your eyes when I speak harshly to you (I’m sorry). I notice it when you ask me to snuggle with you after nap time. I notice it when you sing your song along with me.

You are learning self control. Little man, that is a concept that many adults still do not grasp. I have to remind myself that you are still a toddler and my expectations might be a little high. Sometimes, when you get overwhelmed at all that is going on (cause it is usually a lot, in this house), you will hit or push someone. I have learned that this isn’t something you are doing to be mean or malicious. The other day, I was tickling and snuggling with you, I could tell that you were having a grand time by your vivacious laughter. All of a sudden, you slapped me. You seemed just as surprised as I was. It was then that I realized, you don’t do it to be mean. You were excited and didn’t know how to show it. So, we are working on giving you outlets for your excitement. You are very expressive, and that is a gift, but you need to express yourself in beneficial ways. Just to clarify, knocking your little brother over isn’t beneficial! We also have learned that you are a much happier little guy when you have a chance to wrestle with Daddy.

I am still figuring out this boy mom thing. I want to do the best job I can for you and your brothers, but you boys are an enigma to me. Hitting, screaming, running everywhere…these aren’t things that Gracie usually does. I do know this, your big sister is one tough cookie. I guess she has to be, in a house full of boys!

By the way, sorry for lack of pictures we have of you. Most of our pictures of you end up being a blur. It’s hard to get a shot of you being still. For example; this video of you. My favorite part is the end when you are running from one couch to the other and you are just a little blur.

My sweet Benjamin, I am proud of the little man you are and I look forward to see the big man you will be one day. My prayer for you is that your love for God may abound more and more and that God would ignite in your heart a passion for Him and a faith that is strong through life’s adversity.

You are my little prince, and I am so grateful for you. Happy Birthday!

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