Strider Balance Bike and Rocking Base Review

I am partnering with Strider Balance Bikes today to tell you a little story about my little middle man. Some links may be affiliates.

Once there was a little boy, a 20 month old little guy. His mom received a Strider Balance Bike to review on her blog. As soon as he saw the box, he knew it MUST be his. And he was right. Although Strider Balance Bikes can be use by kids up to age 5, he knew that it would mostly be used by him.

Once Daddy started putting the box together, Levi and his siblings all wanted to help.

Levi did his best to try out and make sure everything was put together correctly.

You can imagine how upset our little man was, when Daddy told him to get off the bike so he could finish putting it on the rocking base. Just in case you can’t imagine, here is an idea…

It was then that Levi’s mommy knew, she must find a way to distract him so that Daddy could finish the bike.

Christmas cookies to the rescue! Levi enjoyed them immensely.

Once the bike was all set up, Levi abandoned his cookie clean up and charged forward to the bike.

It was like a rocking horse. It was like a bike. It was like a rocking bike.

And it was awesome.

So awesome in fact, that his older sister (who is 4 and has her own bicycle) pulled up the rocking horse and rocked beside him. When she decided that wasn’t as fun, she kicked him off to get a turn.

When that didn’t satisfy Levi, he and Gracie made an agreement.

Levi decided he could share his new toy, he loved his sister THAT much.

Then, an amazing thing happened. Daddy took the bike off the rocking base and Levi was free to roam around the house. On his bike. It was freeing, it was invigorating.

It was almost as good as Christmas cookies.


You can find Strider Rocking Base at Amazon and other retailers.

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