Stephen – 4 months


His name means crown. Reward. Honor.

This little man is a crown on my head. He is my reward, my gift. Not due to anything I have done or could do, but only due to the grace of God.

He is already four months old. Although most people who see him suspect that he is older.

He is big for his age. He was eight pounds when he was born, which isn’t huge. But he’s definitely growing. I am about to transition him to 12 month clothes. His little toes are coming out of the 9 month outfits.

He is such a happy guy and such a delight to have. He loves watching his brothers and sister. He is so delighted when he is with the family and fusses a bit whenever it’s time to take a nap. He just wants to play with everyone else!

He sleeps so well. He is on a napping schedule and sleeps every two hours or so. It is such a blessing that all four of my kiddos nap at the same time!

He loves sleeping in the crib, although the crib is still being used part time by big brother, Levi.

Our little Stephen is such a precious gift, reward from the Lord. He is such a joy and we are excited to see how the Lord uses his life!

I just love his little pucker!

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