Taking our little zoo to the zoo

We were gifted a family zoo pass for this year and we were so excited to use it! We chose to visit the zoo on one of the coldest days of the month. We just added a few extra layers and stayed nice and warm all day. The best part about it, was it was pretty empty at the zoo. I guess no one else wanted to visit on such a cold day.

Of course, it being such a cold day meant that we had to bring some hot cocoa for the little ones. (And the big ones)

See if you can find our little Stephen. This is how people in Texas keep their little ones warm on a cold day.

As part of the pass, we have unlimited rides on the Carousel.

Since no one was there, we had the whole thing to ourselves.


You can see how much the kiddos enjoyed it.

Stephen and I enjoyed it, too!

The penguins were a favorite, but since it was so cold, they didn’t really want to go play in the water.

We made faces at each other instead.

This little guy seemed so sad. I kinda think that is how they always look. We named him Bob. At the end of the day, he was in this exact same spot.

Riding on the elephant statues was a favorite.

The kiddos loved climbing on these. Gracie and Benjamin got on the large one, with help from Greg, of course.

Then, Levi had his very own.

We were able to pet some of the residents of the zoo.

Others we did NOT want to pet. That is a very large snake.

We wanted to make it to an exhibit, in time to see a little presentation. Greg thought I went too slow while carrying a kid, so he took them both. He was quite a sight.

Daddy of the year award goes to that man, right there.

Gracie made a friend.

This was right before we were told by the workers not to feed the giraffes, because they were on a very strict died. Apparently the leaves in their enclosure are off limits for them.

My little hams.

Oh how I love them.

We rode the monorail (also part of the pass).

After that, well, things started getting a little fussy around these parts, so the pictures stopped. We saw all the exhibits, had lunch while watching the elephants and played at the kids area.

We had so much fun and wore our kiddos out! Is it too early to go back again for another trip?


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