A little chicken math

Before we moved out to the country, I did some research on chickens. I knew I wanted to get some chickens, but I knew NOTHING about it. I’m a city girl born and raised. Farm animals were always something fun to pet at the nearby petting zoo. Now, I’m owning them.

In my chicken research, I came across this term; ‘chicken math’. While that might conjure up images of chickens doing algebra, it is actually more about what happens to a person once they get chickens. It seems that chicken owners start out wanting a few chickens, but over the course of a few years, their few chickens turn into more and more and more. After a while, they become known as the crazy chicken people.

“What a silly concept.” I thought. “Self control people. Come on.”

The kids and I worked on setting up our homemade brooder. They shoveled sand for the chicks and worked hard getting ready for our new additions. After searching online, we found the local farm store was getting chicks on Thursday.

Finally, the day came to get our chicks. We loaded up the kids and headed out to the farm store. Greg and I had talked about getting six chickens, he debated getting less, but I was pulling for at least six.

Once we arrived, we all eagerly ran over to where the peeping was coming from. Only, to be disappointed. The chicks they had available were very rare birds that were twenty five bucks each. There was no way we were doing that. And the rest wouldn’t be arriving until next week. So, we piled back in the car.

After a few phone calls, we found out that another farm store was getting chickens a few days later. So, a few days later, we piled in the car and headed out. We took a video of the excited kids walking in to the store…only to be disappointed again. The chicks they had available were not what we were hoping for.

A week passed and we tried one last time to get our chicks. We were no longer excited and hopeful, we knew that there was a chance we might come home empty handed again.

Not so, this time.

We came home with quite a flock.

So, here we are; fifteen chicks later.

I guess chicken math is a thing.

The kids are enjoying the entertainment. T.V. has got nothing on watching fifteen little chicks running around.

It is pretty common for me to look over and see this.

A few days ago, we took them outside to play in the sun (since it has been so hot here!), the kids and the chicks had a blast!

My kiddos loved sitting with them and feeding them.

This makes the stress of moving (and still unpacking boxes) all worth it!             

In a few months, if all goes well, we will have cream eggs, brown eggs and even some blue eggs. So…don’t be surprised if you see a few extra egg recipes around these parts!

Have you ever had chickens?

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  1. Rachael says:

    How exciting!!! I’ve always wanted chickens, my husband not so much. If we ever move to an area where we can have them I’d love to get some. Pretty sure it’s against our HOA rules here lol.

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