2 Year Old Levi

My Levi man,

You are such a blessing to us. I can’t believe I get the joy of being able to call you my son. You bring so much joy to our family. From your constant singing at the dinner table, to your toothy snarl whenever we ask for a smile, you keep us smiling. You share a room with your sister, currently, and you two have grown so close. You love playing with each other. Of course, Gracie loves having someone to boss around and you love just following her around and doing whatever crazy scheme she has up her sleeve. At the moment, your favorite thing to do, as a duo, is grab all the blankets, pillows and animals off your bed and put them on the ground of the living room. You will then pretend to be asleep for about 2.3 seconds. Then you will both be up and running on to the next thing. I wonder if that is your activity because you are both so exhausted from keeping each other awake at bedtime. We are working on getting you to stay in your bed, but you just would so much rather be up and playing in your room. Or even more, playing with mommy and daddy in the living room.

About two months ago, you decided you were done with diapers. You came to me and started telling me you needed to go (poo, usually), and so I would put you on the potty. You have been incredibly successful at potty training yourself! Thanks for making it so easy on me!

You love working in the kitchen with me; your favorite thing is making biscuits for breakfast. You also are such a good helper with the chores around the house. You help your older siblings with the laundry and are quick to put away your clothes once I have folded them.

I so enjoy the quiet moments we share together at bedtime when I get to sing with you. Often times, you ask to hold my hand and we lay like that together, looking at the stars (the toy that projects the stars on the ceiling, that is). Sometimes, you sing to me, too. It is one of the most precious voices I have ever heard.

I love you so much and I praise God for you and the miracle that is your life.  

Love you always,



P.S. For when I look back and wonder why your precious nose is all banged up in this picture, you decided to ride Benjamin’s bicycle in the pool area, which is dangerous enough as it is. You fell off the bike, and then off the three foot retaining wall and landed on your head. Oh my Levi, no one can make me believe that you don’t have angels guarding you…because I KNOW it is true (and I am so grateful!)

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