Glimpses of our life lately

As I sit here typing, there is a little girl sitting on my lap. She is recovering from the flu and is soaking up all the snuggles she can get. We aren’t talking, just enjoying each other’s company.

These last few months have been a whirlwind of trials, joys, and memories. If you follow us on instagram, then you will have lived these memories with us!

What a blessing that God has allowed me to live life with these little people.

They bless me, they make me crazy, they make me smile and they fill my heart.

We have been visiting Daddy at work.

And taking rides in the fire truck.

Stephen has been enjoying sitting up and trying to decide if he wants to crawl.

That little man likes waking up super early in the morning with me and bonding with me while I get into the Word.

We’ve been making muffins.


Eating smoothies.

And sharing ice cream cones.

It’s been a joyful time.

Full of learning and laughter.

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