July recap

My heart and my days are so full. This blog space, which one used to be a daily outlet for me, has become an old friend that I check in with once I get a spare moment. Spare moments actually look like my amazing and supportive husband saying, “Becky, this is your blog time – GO!” Although, he is doing a fantastic job; I still have someone calling, “Mama, watch!” while I am typing this. I had to just tell Levi not to push that circle button on the computer tower (which would turn off all this work!), and another one just grabbed a vacuum piece and was ‘vacuuming’ my hair. Sound effects included! So you can see why, getting a moment by myself to blog is almost impossible in this season of life.

Nevertheless, I want to keep it afloat if I can, in hopes that someday I will come back here regularly. In hopes that this relationship with once again be blossoming and daily; rather than whenever I can catch a spare moment.

In the meantime, I will keep you updated with happenings around here. This is really more for myself, so I can look back and treasure these times. It also helps me cherish the moments which seem so crazy right now.

July started out as it usually does around here, with a family reunion vacation. You can see how we have enjoyed our vacation in the past.

Almost every year we make our kids get out in the lake and we put them on the tube. Although the tube just crawls along, the kids usually dislike this part the most of the whole vacation.

This year, they turned a corner. It started off pretty fussy, but it ended up with my Gracie girl, standing up on the tube while it was going!

Benjamin didn’t this year, but then was filled with all kinds of regret and still talks about how he wants to go on vacation so he can get back on the tube. Gracie and Benjamin even got to drive the boat!

Stephen was fussy the entire vacation and we just couldn’t figure out why. It seemed our little man was starving ALL.THE. TIME. It was later that we figured out he had a very good reason. The same reason that all the other little ones have gotten hungry at this age.

Gracie had her 5th birthday party. We invited all her friends and had a party with lots of play stations. The favorite of my kiddos was, by far, the painting station.

Of course, they didn’t paint the paper. In hindsight, I realized that it was not a good choice to dress my children in white shirts that day. You can see why.

After vacation, we came back to the daily grind. Playdates, Bible study, and our never ending to do list. It was on one of those play dates that I had my first emergency trip to the hospital. Levi was playing on the monkey bars when he slipped off. He put his hand down to catch himself and managed to break both bones in his arm. My sweet friend watched my other three while I took Levi to the ER. Halfway through our six hour visit, she texted me, “So, is there a pacifier for Stephen?” “Yes,” I texted back, “It’s in my pocket.” Bless her heart, she was so great watching, feeding and putting my kiddos to bed, even with a fussy baby.

It’s moments like these that I wish I had a relationship with my parents. It breaks my heart that they choose not to have a relationship with us. They are missing out on so much! Still, I am grateful that the Lord provides in other ways. He has surrounded us with love from so many others.

Still, on special holidays; like my or my kiddos birthdays, it still hurts when we don’t hear anything from them.

The broken arm didn’t slow Levi down, which may not be a good thing! That little man has gotten into more scrapes in the last few weeks than he typically does, all because of that arm. He has a good attitude about it, though. And, now that the plaster wrap is on it, you better not get within swinging range if you don’t want to get whopped!

Our hens started laying eggs! That’s the good news, the bad news is that we never know where to find them. So far, we found 13 on our grill and another dozen under a chair in the garage. They have nesting boxes, but they don’t seem to have a use for those! Still, it’s exciting that we are stating to see the fruit of our labor.

My garden has been producing, we have gotten lots of yummy tomatoes and some zucchini. Unfortunately, I have forgotten to go each day and there have been some gargantua zucchini.

Luckily, there have been extra so we have been able to share with friends. Zucchini bread for everyone!

I’m out of time, so I can’t go into the bit about the snakes, the termites, the black widow, the tarantulas, the tractor, the swamp, etc. Maybe next time!

Speaking of next time, come back tomorrow for a very special announcement!


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