Changing of seasons

It’s the changing of seasons. Something about the leaves changing and the air cooling makes me look back. Maybe it’s that same pumpkin patch that we visited when we only had one. Or maybe it’s just this season.

I look at them in wonder. These little ones who are so precious. These little children- my heart walking around outside of me. These little smiles, these excited giggles. Cheesy smiles. Hands holding. Memories making.

It’s a beautiful season, and I’m not just talking about fall. This season of life is difficult. Just this morning, I was in tears over the behavior of one of my children. I wanted them to live differently, to act differently. I preach Gospel truths to people around me and then, I’m surprised when the little sinners in my home keep sinning. Isn’t that their nature? Isn’t that what anyone does who hasn’t tasted redemption?

So in this season; this beautiful, messy and redemptive season; I cling to hope. Hope of what they will become. Hope that one day I will see the fruit of all this labor. Hope that they will see through their sinful mama to a perfect Savior. This mama loves them, but it is such a messy and broken love. The Savior loves them completely, perfectly. I cling to hope that they will know that truth to their core.

And I hope that when they look back on this time, when they see these pictures, they will bring smiles to the inner parts of their hearts. They will remember the love they are surrounded with. They will remember the joy and delight of growing up in this home.

In the meantime, I will keep enjoying this season.   

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