Benjamin’s Winnie the Pooh party

Last weekend, we had a birthday party for our four year old, Benjamin. We have been reading Winnie the Pooh before bed and he specially requested that we have a party in honor of his favorite characters.

Our printer stopped working in the middle of preparations for the party, so I had to freehand draw (while looking at a picture) our Eeyore for our revised, ‘Pin the tail on the donkey’ game. I am NOT an artist, at all, so I was glad that it turned out okay.

I also made a Winnie the Pooh cake, using orange frosting because that was on sale from Halloween. One of the kids told me that Pooh was really more yellow than orange, but, you make do with what you have!

While I was decorating the cake, Gracie rotated either telling me how the cake did NOT look like Pooh Bear and asking me if she could lick the frosting. It is such a delight to have these little ones around! After Greg came in and told her she needed to speak words that are kind, she said in a loud and, quite dramatic, voice, “OH Mommy! That cake looks WONDERFUL!” followed with, “Can I lick the frosting?”

Our little party set up had a few snacks with a Winnie the Pooh theme. We had some tigger tails (carrots), some Eeyore house sticks (pretzels) and Winnie the Pooh grahams (teddy grahams).

Some of our most beloved friends and family came. It was such a special time to celebrate our little man!

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