The 30 Day Marriage Challenge

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Do you remember the days when you were dating your spouse? Everything was fun and exciting. You didn’t have to struggle to come up with things to talk about, matter of fact, you never seemed to have enough time to talk. He would do sweet things for you and you would show him love and affection as much as you possibly could.

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Ah the good old days.

Is your marriage still like that?30 Day marriage challenge

It is rare to find a couple as madly in love with each other as they were when they were dating. Most marriages have fallen into a routine. A boring, lifeless and discouraging routine. If you have kids, then it seems to be even harder to find time to connect with your spouse.

What can be done? Is this the marriage you have to settle for ’till death do us part’?

Absolutely not!

Marriage can be exciting again. You can be more in love with your spouse than you ever thought possible. You can connect with each other on a deeper level than you have done before.

Here’s the catch though, it’s challenging. It takes work. You have to work hard to get the marriage you want. Are you willing to take the challenge?

The 30 Day Marriage Challenge is full of daily challenges that will spice up your marriage and encourage you to change behaviors that are hurting your marriage. By following these challenges, you will grow as a person and as a spouse. By the end of the month of doing these challenges, your marriage will be better. It’s up to you how much better your marriage will be.

Here is what other people had to say about The 30 Day Marriage Challenge:

The 30 Day Marriage Challenge is aptly named, because even those in the most successful marriages will find areas that truly do challenge. All marriages and all spouses need work and improvement. If you will peruse these pages looking to become a better spouse, you will not be disappointed. The book is written in short chapters designed for daily changes, and Becky’s counsel is relevant and wise. I encourage you to take the challenge! – Sue Angel, author of Here Comes the Bride


This book is a 31 day challenge that gives you a unique challenge each day, which you can apply to your marriage. A lot of these tips were things that I could apply to my relationship now. I’m already about 5 days in and I’ve noticed some changes. I haven’t told him that I’m taking the challenge, but he’s being very responsive. What I love about this book so much is that it completely focuses on you, you don’t just become a better mate, but you become a better person. Many of these challenges can be applied to multiple relationships in your life….Read more at The Faux Housewife


Beware! This book could change not only your marriage, it can change you. I’ve been married for 37 years and it is so easy to fall into complacency about marriage. We forget that relationships take work, whether they are with co-workers, family, friends or God. Relationships take time and commitment. This book addresses 30 ways that you can make a change that will make you a better spouse…Read More at Susan Jackson’s blog, Path I Walked.


Reasons to LOVE this book:

• Becky is a great writer and very relatable for anyone regardless of age, religion or background.
• Reading her personal experience is like chatting with her over a cup of coffee (or wine).
• The tasks are easy to complete and they don’t cost money or take up a lot of time. (Read: there really is no good reason why NOT to take this challenge)
• You are not focusing on negative behavior in your spouse. The tasks are POSITIVE changes/ tweaks/ improvements in YOU.
• Once you change your mind-set on your marriage, your spouse is sure to follow suit!
• Accepting the challenge and completing the tasks will make you more aware of the impact your reaction and attitude has on not only your marriage, but also other relationships with friends and family. An “improved you” can only mean a “happier you.” Read More at Mama in the Now


I absolutely love the honesty and transparency that Becky put into this book. She gives stories of her and her husband in the book and I really felt like I got to know her through each chapter! I enjoyed that she is not perfect and not afraid to show that in the book.  The book is relatively short, which is good for this busy working mama! I don’t have time to slog through a huge marriage book and implement a ton of things. Just 30 tips each with suggestions on how to implement them into your relationship… Read more at A Mom at Work.


I have really enjoyed reading through The 30 Day Marriage Challenge! I love how all of the challenges are practical and do-able. They really do make a huge difference in your marriage! I also really liked how Becky weaved in stories from her own life and marriage as examples that we can apply to our own marriages. If you are wanting a practical, step-by-step plan to grow your relationship with your spouse, then this is it!   –Laura Sue Shaw


The 30 Day Marriage Challenge Book by Becky Moseley is a great read for any married couple, whether you have been married 2 days or 20 years. Redoing the challenges will ingrain these Christlike marriage principles into your life.  I know that in the short time I have had the book, it has improved my marriage… Read More at Faith N’ Pixie Dust


 The 30 Day Marriage Challenge by Becky Moseley is great in that it is a super quick read that you could do all at once prior to starting the challenge or read it daily. Also, Becky does a great job of using her own personal experiences to highlight the point of the challenge day. It is easy to relate to because we have all had similar experiences (without giving away anything in the book. Don’t want to spoil the surprise.) Although the tasks presented in the book may seem simple or like common sense but I have found that over time we tend to forget the small things that make the biggest impact in our relationships. At the end of the 30 days, I am willing to bet that you will have a closer more intimate relationship than starting the book, and for only $6.99 what’s keeping you from trying it? Read more at Crafty Bonds
The thing about self-improvement books is that they can become very cumbersome quickly which usually leads me to leave them unfinished. What I love about The 30 Day Marriage Challenge is that each tip includes a short introduction with an example from Becky’s own life, a bit of reasoning behind her tips, and suggestions on how to implement each of the challenges in your own life. Easy-to-follow, quick to read, and fun challenges make this book worth the read. Read More at Balancing Bedlam

The book is a great resource for intentionally spending time with your spouse nurturing your marriage. I like having the reminders to do the little things that make a difference. A lot of the tasks really don’t take a whole lot of time, but they are things that are important to take some time to do. I also really liked how Becky weaved in stories from her own life and marriage as examples that we can apply to our own marriages. Her honesty was refreshing to read. Read more at Laura Sue Shaw


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