Disclosure Page

Blogger ethics.

All need them, most have them.

I am one of them.

So here is my code of ethics, aka, my disclosure page in regards to reviews, promotions and affiliate links.

1. I only allow things on my blog that I like – I constantly get emails from companies wanting me to do reviews for them, or even just a post about their company. If I don’t like them, I don’t do it. That also means that I don’t get paid sometimes. However, my reader’s (aka you!) trust is more important than making an extra buck.

2. When I like a product or company, I share it–  If I like a product and believe in it, I will share it. Sometimes I get paid to do a post about a product, other times, I give you a link that will lead to me making some extra income. Since this passion of mine is one that pays very little (I made $0.60 last month, woo hoo!), having you use a link of mine to purchase something you were going to buy anyway…just makes sense.

3. When you use an affiliate link, you don’t pay more – but I get paid more. For example, let’s say you wanted to buy these Pom Poms on Amazon. The price is the same for you whether you go through my link or go directly on your own. However, I will get a tiny percentage of the money from your purchase. (Thank you very much, by the way!) Also, let’s say that you click through my link, but you don’t buy the Pom Poms, instead you buy a car (does Amazon even sell cars?), well, since you still went through my link, I get paid a percentage.

4. I don’t ever want you to feel like I am trying to sell you a product. If I like something, I tell you, not so you can buy it. I tell you because I think it will make your life better, somehow. Like the aforementioned pom poms have given me hours of quiet time while my toddler plays independently.

Pom Poms + Toddler playing independently = happy mama!

5. I will always tell you if a post I am writing about is sponsored – If someone paid me to do a review or a post, I will let you know before the post starts. That way, if you don’t want to read it, move on to another post!

To summarize, sometimes I make an extra buck by promoting something I really like and I don’t want to do that without you knowing. Got it? 

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